Letting go and moving forward.

 I have spent the last few months going through everything I own and eliminating, eliminating, eliminating. I am also letting go of habits, people from the dark past of my youth, patterns and other things not conducive to my growth and the path I have been on the last few months. Recent events have encouraged me to continue this cleansing and releasing process toward being the best that I can be for myself so I can be the best for others. Recent events have also encouraged me not be so open with my life, my heart and my personal business. I have never been more encouraged now than ever before to withdraw, reconstruct my boundaries and walls and be even more private that ever. I have been taught this lesson time and again. It is definately all about being very private now.

From this point forward I will no longer be using LJ, My Space, my ambient_indigo@yahoo email account, my tinyspirit blog, my Twitter account or my 757 area code message mail box. Any communication venue I am not using or accessing I am dropping as part of my cleansing process.

I am maintaining my bohemian_gypsygirl@yahoo email account, my Facebook account and my 850 area code phone number.

Blessings to all. :-)
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It's that time of year where the Circus comes to town. It always makes me so very, very sad. Who even thought of such a barbaric event anyway?  All those animals locked away in cramped cages for days while traveling in their own filth and then released only to stretch a little or be brutally trained and exposed to the elements of severe temperature changes, wind, rain, sleet, etc. I boycott every year!!!

I realize many of you think going to the Circus is a essential experience for children to have while growing up. It's not. Kids want to spend time with their parents and/or loved ones doing anything, they don't care, they just want your time and attention. If you want them to have the Circus experience, wait for Cirque du Soliel. Now there is a spectacular. show. It's like the Circus only 10x better and there are no animals involved.

Contrarty to popular belief, the Circus life is horrid for animals. They are treated poorly. They are neglected. Their freedoms are deprived. They pace and sway to lull themselves into a trance to escape from the abuse and distress. They are poked and rammed with electric prods and sometimes even blow torches during training. Trainers often have difficulty controlling the animals because the animals are so miserable. It an animal does not submit even after being beaten it is terminated ... killed ... murdered simply for rebelling against unecessary abuse.  It is  ... deplorable and hideous. Do you really want to pay to watch animals entertain you when they were beaten into submission until they mastered the very acts you find so entertaining? I don't think so.




For more information go to:

To view footage of animal treatment go to :



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Support our furry friends!

I have done some research lately and spoken with many people concerning animal sanctuaries. There are some really outstanding places where animals are rescued from Circuses, carnivals,etc. and brought to a safe refuge for proper care and healing to either spend the rest of their days in freedom and with proper treatment or to be released back into the wild.

Pick your favorite animal and their refuge and get involved ... spread the word ... donate money ... do what you can.

My favorite is The Elephant Sanctuary (sine I love elephants) which, if I am really lucky and things fall into place, a friend of a friend is trying to arrange an opportunity for me to go and visit for a few days this summer. Crossing my fingers.

I have only included a VERY small list here. There are many, many, MANY sanctuaries all over in desperate need of help. Search on the internet. Just be sure that before you donate anything, you research the sanctuary through the Better Business Bureau,

Of course, do not forget you can always volunteer or donate to the numerous domestic animal shelters all over to help care for all the doggies and kitties in need. Even better ... check out your local Humane Society (and always remember to spay and neuter your animals and to adopt a pet from a shelter ... NOT a breeder or store).

Best Friends Animal Society :

Humane Society :

Anyway, choose your own and show your support.  ;-)

Wild Animal Sanctuary :

The Elephant Sanctuary : (checkout the live feed during the day and the profiles on the elephants who reside there)

Farm Sanctuary : (you can sponser your own farm animal AND visit whenever you like)

Cooper's Rock Mountain Lion Sanctuary :

Tiger Haven : (you can adopt a tiger, cougar, liger, leopard, jaguar or lion)

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge :

The American Bear Vince Shute Wildlike Sanctuary :

Panda Paws Sanctuary : (support bears everywhere)


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Inspired ...

Here is a message from Randy Pausche a man who is facing death and yet still soldiers on with positivity and life. It is not biblical in nature nor does it teach us any spiritual or eternal truths about life per se, but it does remind us that we do have a choice on how we handle our circumstances and that the attitude we choose to have can significantly impact ourselves and those around us, especially what we teach to our children. 

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Merkaba (blue/purple)


Last year I had a friend diagnosed with HIV. At the time of diagnosis, he was actually so sick that he was admitted to the hospital and classified as having AIDS. The difference between HIV and AIDS is based only on the blood count. With the assistance of a twice daily 'cocktail', he is alive and well and holding in HIV status. However, there are side effects including serious weight gain and his liver is beginning to experience problems due to the heavy chemicals in the medicine. The combination of medicines he takes is frequently changed due to the nature of the virus. It is a constant ball and chain. In his particular case, he was exposed to the virus when he was raped. Many of his friends contracted the virus because the partner they were with tested negative when they started dating but were diagnosed three or four months later. In one case a girl contracted the virus from her fiance who got it from his ex-girlfriend whose ex boyfriend was an IV drug user. 

Know your partner and their history.   

Be safe.   

* HIV/AID infects on average 4 million people worldwide each year, and threatens the health of 33 million.

* One in every four patients do not even know they have the HIV virus

* On a global level the number of reported HIV cases alone is:
   OCEANIA - 53,000+ (11,000+ in 2007)
   CARIBBEAN - 210,000+ (15,000+ in 2007)
   NORTH AFRICA/MIDDLE EAST - 270,000+ (16,000+ in 2007) 
   NORTH AMERICA - 480,000+ (40,000+ in 2007)
   WESTERN & CENTRAL EUROPE - 600,000+ (19,000+ 0n 2007)
   EAST ASIA - 620,000+ (21,000+ in 2007)
   EASTERN EUROPE & CENTRAL ASIA - 1.2 million+ (70,000+ in 2007)
   LATIN AMERICA - 1.4 million+ (47,000+ in 2007)
   SOUTH & SOUTH EAST ASIA - 3.3 million+ (180,000+ in 2007)
   SUB SAHARAN AFRICA - 20+ million (1.4+ million in 2007)
   (To put this into smaller perspective in California alone the cases of reported HIV
    went from 8,299 - 22,646 in 2007 so far.)

Be aware.     

Educate yourself, your loved ones, youth and even strangers. 

The more we know and the more pro-active we become, the better.

Here are a few links concerning this topics.

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Merkaba (multi)

The bottom line now ...

The bottom line is , we are all ONE. To know one another...we must look into ourselves and discover the Pure Love and Pure Light that resides within all of us. Seeing that in ourselves allows us to see that in each other.When we look at each other we see our own reflection and the things we do not like are really the things we do not like about ourselves. We must honor that and heal our own self dislikes with God's Light and Love and only then can we look upon one another with Light and Love instead of judgment and expectation. Honor the place in each other in which the entire Universe and God dwells. Honor the place in one another which is of Love, of Truth, of Light, and of Peace. When we are in that place within each other, and we are in that place within ourselves, we are One with each other and One with God. 
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