April 27th, 2010


Letting go and moving forward.

 I have spent the last few months going through everything I own and eliminating, eliminating, eliminating. I am also letting go of habits, people from the dark past of my youth, patterns and other things not conducive to my growth and the path I have been on the last few months. Recent events have encouraged me to continue this cleansing and releasing process toward being the best that I can be for myself so I can be the best for others. Recent events have also encouraged me not be so open with my life, my heart and my personal business. I have never been more encouraged now than ever before to withdraw, reconstruct my boundaries and walls and be even more private that ever. I have been taught this lesson time and again. It is definately all about being very private now.

From this point forward I will no longer be using LJ, My Space, my ambient_indigo@yahoo email account, my tinyspirit blog, my Twitter account or my 757 area code message mail box. Any communication venue I am not using or accessing I am dropping as part of my cleansing process.

I am maintaining my bohemian_gypsygirl@yahoo email account, my Facebook account and my 850 area code phone number.

Blessings to all. :-)
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